Your Benefits : 
  • Track your request and orders
  •  Easily communicate with vendors/business owners.
  • Save your details for subsequent request and orders with few clicks.
  • Plan your event and dates.
  • Manage guests. Manage tasks.
  • Manage expenses.
  • Manage you favorites, share your choices with friends/families.
  • Get discounts and coupons.
  • In case of dispute, We fight on behalf of you.

Our Promise :

  • We DO NOT treat you as product and sell your data unlike social media, search engine companies etc.
  • We do not operate on advertising so we guard your privacy and personal information.
  • We do not spam your email or text messages either.
  • We do not hold or see your credit card information, they are done via Stripe, a secure payment company.
  • We plan to donate a small portion of your transaction, to charity as “Celebrate with the joy of Giving” .
  • At Celebratix, we believe in highest possible standards of ethical business conduct, period.   For more see here